Neurocognitive Training is the key to personal and professional transformation. It is the foundation for all other valid 'self help' programs.

What is Directed Neurocognitive Training?

In order to understand DNT, we must first understand Neurocognitive Training. The mind is the computer hard drive for your body. It stores all the information you’ve ever experienced, writing and rewriting the drive space, just like your computer. Just like your computer, there is an area that stores all the information, the memory, and […]

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Anthony Sakovich, Performance Coach and Consultant

I  help people afflicted with “permanent potential” break through their internal barriers that consistently hold them back from the success and happiness they deserve.

Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Salespeople, Stockbrokers, Consultants, Inventors and Executives
have turned to me for advice, counsel, and mostly, a new way of seeing an old problem. I have been able to redefine businesses in just a few sessions, resulting in the opening of whole new markets. But then I take it another step further, making sure the plan “sticks” by keeping you accountable for the goals we’ve defined.


Being a performance coach is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am a voracious devourer of information in a wide variety of subjects. But I don’t just take in. I rearrange the subject matter, and create new information from the synthesis of copious amounts of existing data.  I have demonstrated skill and experience in complex systems analysis, be it digital, biological, or social. Because of what I do, I have personally been able to patent new devices, had articles appear in international journals, and even have my work accepted for peer-reviewed publication. I have attended three major universities, and have achieved PhD level academic success with my work.

I am a prolific researcher, so I’ve been studying this material for decades. I can save you the time and money of doing that research for yourself by just bringing the pieces you need to the table, and then helping you decide on the best course to turn theory into an action plan.

But working with C-level executives is where the rubber meets the road. Unlike many other coaches, I don’t just use last week’s notes as the foundation for this week’s session. I take time during the week to research your situation so that I bring new information to every meeting.

This isn’t a 60 minute feel-good session for you. This is time spent with a seasoned industry professional who knows how to challenge your world view. I have been involved with success training with companies from the Fortune 100 list (who saw their new hire success rate go from 65% to 85% in six months), all the way down to one-woman retail stores within a very specific niche. You probably fit somewhere in between.

Book a 20-minute one on one with me after you complete the Axiom Assessment.


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